Mucinex and Pregnancy

PregnancyIf you are expecting you may wonder about safety issues with mucinex and pregnancy. The ingredients in the nasal decongestant are safe to take as long as taken correctly. However, caution should be used and it is important to take the right product.

The main Mucinex’s ingredient used to break up mucous is guaifenesin. The ingredient is helpful for those with stuffy noses and those who may develop a cough due to a cold or allergies. It is also safe to use with other products like nasal saline sprays, Vicks, and other topical remedies.

Caution should be used with mucinex and pregnancy. Avoid using the Mucinex DM as this product contains the harmful decongestant that can be detrimental to the unborn baby. This or similar products should be avoided at all costs.

Always follow the recommended dosage and do not take more than recommended. If you are unsure about the dosage it is best to call the doctor and ask about the correct dosage. If you are already taking another medication you should be especially cautious and should ask the doctor about taking mucinex and pregnancy.

For a cold or congestion you will want to avoid any medications that have decongestants like psuedoephedrine. The standard Mucinex product does not contain the harmful ingredient. Therefore, it is safe to take when expecting. The guaifenesin will not harm the developing baby and can help relieve annoying symptoms of congestion due to cough or a cold. In more detail, check guaifenesin pregnancy warnings on

If allowed, taking the medication may be better than trying to get past the symptoms and possibly developing something more severe, like bronchitis. It is far better to break up the mucous with the medication than to rely on antibiotics when symptoms become more than simple congestion.

You should not be fearful if you are taking the medication as directed. Be sure to call and ask your obstetrician if you are concerned about the effects of the product. You should also call if you are unsure about how much and how often to take it. For most expecting mothers the product is safe and will not cause any harm. But, do not exceed the dosage recommended or that suggested by the doctor.